“Mike did our September wedding and absolutely amazed us with beautiful videography that captured our special day in ways that we never could have imagined! I was always the type who wasn’t sure I wanted or needed a wedding video. To any bride out there: trust me when I tell you to get video of your special day! And not just any videographer will do. Mike is hands down the best in Cincinnati. He made a point to be part of our entire wedding day – to capture every detail from beginning to end. He has excellent sense of style that makes the highlight video feel more like a work of art than just any old wedding video. All my friends commented that the video he did for us was the best they’d ever seen! Because of his beautiful work, we will get to relive our special day over and over again. We recommend Mike to anyone and everyone we know! He’s a true professional who promises to deliver video magic!” – Mara  

“Michael did a remarkable job on my sister’s wedding video. I hardly noticed his presence but he captured every little meaningful moment that took place. Michael’s creativity with his shots and transitions left me speechless. He had the final product ready to view only 2 days after the wedding and it brought tears to all of our eyes. This concept of a short film is perfect for any special occasion and I cannot speak highly enough of Michael’s work. This video represented Mara and Greg perfectly. Thank you for capturing a piece of our family’s history…it will be watched for many, many generations!” – Anna   “Michael with Squirrel Films did an exceptional job at the wedding LAST weekend, yes-he had the video completed three days after the wedding!!!!! I can’t believe how quickly we were able to view and share it. On the day of the wedding he was sneaking all over the place getting the best footage and captured the entire day. He is a master at putting it all together into a keepsake that we will keep forever. His work speaks for itself so check out some of his videos. I can’t imagine having only photos from the day, his video makes the whole event come to life every time we watch it!!!!” – Caylee  

“Mike Basch with Squirrel Films was unbelievable! My husband and I celebrate our 8 year wedding anniversary today and a huge regret we have is not having our wedding weekend video taped. It’s a must! Squirrel Films recorded my brother-in-law’s wedding this passed weekend. Mike is so professional and sincere. Honestly you do not even notice he is there. He is never in your face or obstructing the view for your guests. Mike captured moments that only a talented and amazing videographer could. We have watched the short five minute trailer video nearly 30 times in one day. I was speechless and probably cried the first fifteen times I watched it. He is a true artist and you could tell he films for the love of filming and not the paycheck. I would recommend Squirrel Films for any and every event you have. I wish I had a video like he created for my wedding. Book him today! I would even rearrange your wedding date just so you can have him there! ;)” – Dorrie  

“Do yourself a favor and book Mike to film your wedding. I could stop there. Just trust me. There are so many factors as to why he tops most (all??) of the other videographers in Cincinnati, not the least of which is his actual interest in what he’s doing! There was nothing that told me he felt like we were just another wedding on his list or that it felt like a job to him – he was genuinely excited, already envisioning the video before he even left for the night! He’s nice, easy going, has a vision if you don’t know what you want to ask for, and is unobtrusive – you’ll really be able to relax, knowing he’s a real professional and doing what you’ve hired him to do. He’ll be the vendor you worry about least. He worked well with the photographer and we barely noticed he was in the room most of the time – yet he was getting such amazing shots of all the special moments. He also totally listened to our interests when it came to the video. Some people want different things – more of the getting ready, just the couple, all family, etc. – we wanted to see the fun of the day and, largely, the reception. And that’s what we ended up with – some great shots of the full day but a real spotlight on the fun of the night. (And none of those terrible “OMG does my face look like that when I dance” shots either!) My older brother has always said that his only regret from his wedding was not having video. We weren’t going to let that happen on our next wedding. Mike was worth every penny for the moments he captured during the long day – we cannot recreate those! We just wanted to have any kind of video of the day and went with new-guy-to-the-field – and now feel like we topped all other videographers in the process. Again, trust me. You’ll thank me for this (the only review I’ve EVER written online!) some day.” – Colleen  

“My husband and I were so lucky to have Squirrel Films as a videographer on our wedding day! Being a bride, you want to make sure you hire someone who will capture your day perfectly: bring out the happiness you had, the love that surrounded the day, capture all those moments you want to replay over and over again, and also capture all those little moments you may have missed. Mike did ALL of that and added his own creative/artistic touches! He did a fabulous job capturing all the moments a bride wants to remember. Not only did he create an amazing video, he was also a pleasure to work with. He responded very promptly with every email I had leading up to the day. He showed up on time. He acted very professionally, and honestly stayed in the background for the entire day, so it didn’t feel like I had a camera in my face the entire night….which made our video clips REAL since we weren’t posed for any shots! I couldn’t have asked for a better person to capture all my memories on my special day. I would definitely recommend Mike to any future brides out there! Book him while you still can! :)” – Jacqueline  

“Mike gave us the memory of a lifetime. He was almost invisible the whole day, never asked us to pose, but caught all these moments that was an incredible and creative summary of our wedding day. When you are pulled in so many directions throughout the day, this is very important. He captured the true, realistic experience. He couldn’t have been nicer, more professional, or determined to get us the video we wanted. He also created this video within 24 hours of our wedding. I’m so happy we chose him, the video speaks for itself. Thank you for the best wedding gift we got!!” – Chris