Born and raised in the east side of Cincinnati, I took to film after graduating from the College of Mount St Joseph, where I played lacrosse and focused on communication studies. I always had attachments to creating; but it was generally just writing music on my guitar up until the time when I became fascinated with the art of film. There was always something so intriguing to me about capturing moments that I could revisit over and over, as well as edit a series of events to tell a particular story. While most were just watching the film, I found myself analyzing techniques that the cinematographers were using in order to create the stories that they had. I began to realize that I had another sense of awareness about film than the average person. Knowing about my passion for and abilities to film, a message from a friend asking me to make a film of their wedding day launched a healthy obsession and career path with creating what I believe to be the most unique and original wedding films in the Tri-state.   Seeing and listening to my clients and their reactions to the films I make is what continues to feed this fire that I intend to let burn out of control. There is no better job than mine. How could anyone not enjoy going to events and documenting the smiles and love among family and friends on the most special of occasions? I encourage you to contact me so we can talk more about the vision you have for your day, and get the ball rolling on an investment that ensures your wedding memories will be with you for life.   – Mike Basch Founder, Squirrel Films